About Us

The Plast-aid® Story Begins...


Plast-aid Corporation set out in 1996 to formulate Plast-aid® for solving thousands of repair problems as well as making parts. Our vision was to come up with a product so handy and easy to use that it would eventually be found "under every kitchen sink and in every junk drawer and tool box," or wherever vital repair materials are found for home, business, or industry.

After developing Plast-aid®, we began test marketing it in local hardware and specialty stores. Soon, a few regional and national dealers began making it available. We are so pleased to hear from satisfied customers how Plast-aid® solves problems, makes repairs, and has applications unlike any other product on the market.

As a result of Plast-aid®'s success, we are dedicated to making it widely available. Eventually, we expect you will be able to obtain Plast-aid® from our ever-growing number of local dealers. In the meantime, you can easily purchase Plast-aid® through our Store.

We would be delighted to hear how you have used Plast-aid®. Contact us and share your applications, especially those you are particularly pleased with.  

You can help us serve you better by asking your local hardware store manager or specialty supplier to contact us via this web site or by phone to become an authorized dealer.

Happy fixin's with Plast-aid®!