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Five years later, still no leaks!

Hello, I recently opened my spa up for the season which made me remember a repair made with Plast-aid 5 years ago.  Two high pressure pvc spa lines each had 6 inch cracks that formed over the previous winter.  I feared the repair would be costly given the lines were barely accessible and buried under several inches of spray foam.   After doing a bit of research I decided to give plast-aid a shot before calling in a spa repair man to replace the lines. After doing all a could to remove all the foam surrounding the lines I applied the plast-aid and voila leak stopped!  It still amazes me that plast-aid was able to stop a leak under that kind of pressure for as long as it has (now going on 5 years).  Just wanted to send along my sincere thanks for creating an amazing product. 

Jose C.


"the alternative would be a great big plumbing bill"

Hey there. I'm so pleased with Plast-Aid that I felt I had to write and let you know.  I had a very tricky PVC plumbing problem, and Plast-Aid allowed me to make an excellent repair.  I wish I had taken pictures, but I didn't. Anyway, here's the story:

In attempting to rework a basement laundry room, I accidentally broke off some PVC drain pipe right where it goes into the concrete.  The break went right across a 90° L. Lucky for me, the break was fairly clean. Unluckily, the concrete was a bit recessed there, making it very difficult to just cut out the broken piece and glue in a new piece of PVC.  Besides, that would have reduced the flow, and the drain wasn't all that big to begin with.

Anyway, I tried to just repair the break with PVC cement, but the pipe leaked.  So, I did a web search for "PVC repair" and found you. I figured, "what the heck, it's worth a try."  I thought the alternative would be a great big plumbing bill.

After thinking about it, there were two jobs to do:  1. Reinforce the broken L, and 2. Stop the leak.

To do job one, I rooted around in the kitchen cabinet until I found a disposable round food container that was about a quarter inch diameter bigger than the broken L.  I had to use a razor knife to cut out the bottom, then slit it down the side to get it around the pipe (remember, I had already used PVC cement to reattach the drain pipe), then I taped the slit with masking tape.  Then, I mixed up a cup and a half of Plast-Aid and poured it into my make-shift mold.

It hardened as it should, forming a solid encasement around the broken L.  Some Plast-Aid leaked out of the bottom of the mold, but that was alright. Remember, I told you that the concrete was a bit recessed here?  I gave the drain pipe a few sharp tugs, and it was clear that it was now not going anywhere! The container I used for the mold just snapped right off the hardened Plast-Aid (I was lucky there - guess I should have tested it first).

OK, the joint still leaked some water, so on to job two.  That was really easy. All I did was mop up the little bit of water, give it enough time to air dry, then I mixed up about half a cup of Plast-Aid and I just poured it into the recess immediately after mixing.

After the Plast-Aid dried, not only did I have a perfectly watertight PVC drain, but the recess in the concrete was now filled with hardened Plast-Aid, making it level with the rest of the slab.  This will be an added bonus when I lay down new flooring.

To sum it up, this is one guy totally sold on your product, and I'll be telling folks about it!

Ralph H.


Leaking Hot tub Fixed

A few pictures of my repair.  Plast-aid worked great. Awesome product.

Thanks for all your assistance.

Mark C.


Completely repiping the entire section.... Not with Plast-aid

 Jim here.  We spoke a few couple months ago when I was having difficulty with a complex spa repair.  In short, the Plast-aid solved the problem as you said it would, and I wanted to thank you again for all your help with this.  I'd sent you some photos before of the spiral cracks in my spa pipes. I'll include them again here. I've also included a couple photos of the section reassembled and now working just fine.

  Before I ran into your company (online search), I'd called several plumbers in the area, spa places, and even a couple of regional plastic manufacturers, and no one had a solution for the freeze break in my pipes other than completely repiping the entire section.  You can see from the photos, that wouldn't have been an inexpensive proposition, and the plumbers and spa dealers I spoke with all said it would run into the hundreds of dollars to rebuild this section.

   In my frustration, I figured there had to be some sort of plastic sealer, putty, or something that I could glue this section back together with, that would stand up to the pressure of the spa.  Enter Plast-aid. I saw your company's videos and while I was a bit skepticaI at first, after speaking with you, I was immediately sold that this was probably the only thing that could work.

 I ordered the large kit so I'd have plenty to practice with, and after a few globs on some broken pipes, to see how it would work, I got enough courage to try it for real on the actual broken section.  As in anything, prep work is essential. I used acetone and rubbing alcohol to clean off the years of grime on the parts to be repaired. A light sanding as you suggested gave the area some "tooth". Finally, I mixed and poured.  It worked great, although the first pour I did was a bit too soupy, so I just put a 2nd layer over it.

   This stuff is just amazing. It welded right into the plastic and completely repaired the spiral crack around the t-joint in the pipes.   I have since used it to repair other plastic items around the house and shop. It truly is a versatile material. Please feel free to use this testimonial.  Thanks again, for a fantastic product!

Jim M.