What does Plast-aid stick to? 

Plast-aid sticks things together in two different ways, a Chemical Bond and Mechanical Bond.

Mechanical Bond

Why is that important?  Material that chemically bonds can join very smooth surfaces.  While a mechanical bond must be rough to work. 


How do I prep my fix?

How do I mix Plast-aid?

Can Plast-aid be colored?

When do I apply Plast-aid?


How do I cast with Plast-aid?

How do I glue with Plast-aid?

How do I form Plast-aid?

What can I use to reinforce Plast-aid?

How do I get Plast-aid off of places I don't want it?

How long does it take to dry?

Plast-aid does not dry.  When the powder and the liquid are mixed together it starts a chemical reaction that takes about 15 minutes to complete.  

Is it supposed to get hot?

Yes.  Plast-aid heating up is the last part of the chemical reaction.  Once it starts cooling back down, Plast-aid's cure is complete.  


Once Plast-aid is cured, how can I manipulate it?